Awesome Characters From Awesome Movies

Awesome Characters From Awesome Movies is a series of drawings/paintings form an American Artist T. Dylan Moore. I really admire his work, Some great tones and form in his portraits. I also love the iunfinished qualites revealing the drawings below. Awesome work!

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12 June 2013 | Vince Low

Some amazing pencil portrait work form artist Vince Low

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Illustration 2012 - Watercolors

10 August 2013 | Drumond Art

Watercolors of some famous movie, Sport and TV series, Nice mix of elements in some of the pieces.

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LOST: The Animated Series

07 August 2013 | Micheal Myres

I really like the style of these drawings and the coloring is excellent! Follow the link to the whole characters from the TV series LOST

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Home (Video)

3 June 2013 | Journal, Magazine | 15 Comments |

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