• Meraki Art Exhibition
    18th Feb - 8th March 2014
    Meraki Art Exhibition (Oil on Canvas) 18th Feb - 8th March 2014
  • Times Square New York
    Oil on Canvas 2013
  • Sun Rush
    Oil on Canvas 2009
  • Cucina
    Oil on Board 2009
  • Charity
    Oil on Canvas 2008

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This is my new Art website, with new work and up to date content and blogs from me and other fellow artist.


  • Tuk Tuk

    Oil on Canvas 2014

    This is a painting is a scene from Bangkok, Thailand, it is part of a show Meraki, which is shown in Toulouse France.

  • Se Detendre

    Oil on Canvas 2014

    This is a painting is a scene from Toulouse, France, it is part of a show Meraki, which is shown in Toulouse France.

  • Consumeren

    Oil on Canvas 2014

    This is a painting is a scene from Amsterdam, Netherlands, it is part of a show Meraki, which is shown in Toulouse France.

  • New York Times Square

    Oil on Canvas 2013

    This is a painting of times square in New York, it was a commision done for a New york salon New York Nails

  • Flat Out (detail)

    Oil on Canvas, 2009

    Flat out is a painting commisioned in 2009. It's part of a series of paintings from Austrialia, the title flat out is a term in Austrialia to be busy, which is what the painting depicts

  • Cucina

    Oil on Board, 2009

    Cucina was a painting commisioned in 2009 for a resturant in Kinsale also called Cucina The painting itself is a street scene in Cork City Ireland

  • Sun Rush

    Oil on Canvas, 2010

    Sun Rush is an Oil on Canvas painting of a sun set scene in Provence, France. The painting gets the name sun rush, firstly from the warm summer sunset and also the warm glow from the rushes and the old derelict church wall.

  • Charity

    Oil on Canvas, 2009, Triptych (3 panels)

    Charity was a painting part of an exhibition in the Private Collectors Gallery in Innisshannon Cork back in 2009

Meraki Art Exhibition 2014

Meraki to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

Exhibition Details

Meraki is a collection of paintings currently been shown in Toulouse France. Located in Credit Agricole, Allee President Roosevelt, 31000 Toulouse, France. From 18th February to the 8th of March 2014.

With 6 painting in all the works depict scenes from all over the world. Based on the artist travels. Cities such as Lisbon, Sydney, Bangkok, Toulouse to name a few. The shows theme deals with the interactions between the people and there environment. And looks at how people in there surroundings become a product of there environment.

Older Exhibitions

Eugene has had many exhibitions one of which was a one man show in Innishannon in West cork in 2009 Private Collectors Gallery

Also enjoyed a group show entitled Fledglings in the Lavitts Quay gallery in Cork City, Ireland in 2009. Lavitt Gallery

Over the years Eugene has exhibited work in England America and France.

Eugene D'Arcy Bio

Eugene studied art at Crawford College of Art Cork before in Ireland in 2000. His work has been exhibited in Ireland, England, America and France and is represented internationally in public, corporate and private collections.

Artist View Point

In order to find my own original style I encorporated both old and new techniques in my work. My present work deals with the idea of the viewer interacting with the work visually. This is achieved by abstracting some fundemental elements from the painting like for example colour, tone and form. This in fact does go against the grain of a traditional painter. But in my opinion it gives the painting a harmony: all the information is'nt there so therefore the viewer must involve himself or herself into the piece.

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